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Shakia’s quick whit, thought provoking messages and

high energy will keep your attention 



ladies often question are they worth a guy waiting to have sex with them. Inspired by Genesis 29:30 , Shakia uses the story of Jacob, Racheal & Leah to encourage them that the right guy will recognize their worth and know that they are worth the work put forth and the wait of sex while pursuing them. 30 mins


Influenced by Shakia’s book The Decision, this workshop starts off with Shakia candidly sharing how she continually chose abstinence in the midst of the lies that society told her about sex.  Participants will  then go on to engage in replacing the lies they have been told about sex with the truth that abstinence offers. 60 mins 


Too often ladies place a monetary value on their personal goods. In this speech, Shakia explains how her decision to practice abstinence has helped her understand her value, in turn strengthening her self worth. This speech is intended to have the audience understand that true worth is when a lady knows her goods are priceless. 30 mins


Make it personal! Would you like Shakia to present on a specific topic or speak longer? Fill out the booking form and specify what you're looking for.


Talk About IT is a workshop that presents the opportunity for girls to engage

in provoking dialogue, participate in interactive activities & implement action tools,

all intended to assist in the acquiring of a healthy self-esteem.


Confidence Square: Many girls think a healthy self-esteem is unattainable because it requires loving everything about themselves and that is a task too difficult for many. This activity takes a different approach by having participants step into the decision to love, accept or work on the many parts of themselves. Participants will take away an understanding of the balance that a healthy self-esteem requires.

Compliments Count: There is great power in words, but not just negative words, complementary words as well. Girl’s sometimes struggle with verbalizing the admiration they have towards their peers. In turn, those thoughts sometimes turn into envy & causes division amongst peers. This activity prompts participants to release those compliments in their head into the heart of a fellow peer with written affirmations. Participants will take away a tool to help eliminate division amongst peers.


Crossing the Line: When one “crosses the line” we assume it’s against someone else, but what about when a girl crosses the line against herself? Girls often entertain unhealthy thoughts which influence their feelings and in turn produce an unhealthy behavioral outcome. This activity will have participants crossing the line in response to crossing the line scenarios and problem solving in order to cross back over the line. The participants will learn how to take control of their behavior outcome starting with their thoughts.

Mirror of Depth: The first thing a girl sees when she looks in the mirror is her external reflection and it isn’t often that she is completely pleased with that reflection. But, what about the beauty she possesses beyond the external? The beauty that isn’t seen with her eyes. This activity has the participants create a ‘mirror of depth’ to reflect the inner beauty shifting their focus of beauty. Participants will leave with a realization that their beauty goes beyond what the mirror reflects, but so much deeper.

Recipe for A Healthy Self-Esteem: Girls are often told they need to have a healthy self-esteem, but do they know what is needed to develop one? This activity does not

define what a healthy self –esteem entails, but encourages the participants to develop a personal recipe for a healthy self-esteem that resonates with them. Participants will leave with an awareness of what is personally needed to develop a healthy self -esteem.


Tooting Your Horn: It is suggested to girls that they should not brag about themselves. “Be humble” is what is suggested, and in doing so they never get a chance to identify all that makes they amazing, negatively affecting their self-esteem. In this activity participants will explore all that makes them amazing. They will then be encouraged to act it out in charades with a twist that will have them literally tooting their own horn! Participants will leave being able to identify their strengths and vocalize them.


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